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Piatto&Corte swimmer VICTIM VST VICTIM Jr. SB-LONG MAGNUM Basic 烏賊 JIG
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We have a selection of configuration and gravity center by size.
This is a long silhouette but it will be able to nimbleness Falling. And also, you can keep the action of Jerk for a long time to feel a lightly pulling weights on a super deep situation.

Fall action can be as quick as thought and It will be able to appeal with Dart and Hirauchi when you try Jerk.

For your reference about words;
The movement which a small fish driven from a fish eater careen off into the right and the left, like zigzag movement.
This is a squid-fishing of Japanese origin using a lure with a fish of bait log and a fake shrimp.
In lure fishing, let stoke the flames of the lod (or Shakuri) greatly and do an action of the lengthwise direction for provoking a fish.

KOMO JIG SB-LONG Body Size&Price ウエイトにより最適なアクションが出せます。
 475g  ¥3,600-
 375g  ¥3,200-
 325g  ¥3,000-
 275g  ¥2,800-

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