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ギョロメ Piatto&Corte swimmer VICTIM VST VICTIM Jr. SB-LONG MAGNUM Basic
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VICTIM Corte ビクティムコルテ VICTIM Piatto ビクティムピアット

VICTIM Corte(ビクティム コルテ)は、ロングスライド系。

VICTIM Piatto(ビクティム ピアット)は、ショートダート系。




Metal Jig:VICTM Piatto and VICTIM Corte

The light weight feeling of pull which overwhelms others has a bigger silhouettes.
VICTIM Corte is a long slide series.
VICTM Piatto is a short dart series.
It takes advantage of the light weight feeling of pull will handling from an ultra high speed combination jerk to a hypercool "Dotera-Nagashi".
It will be able to control the speed of the movement from a high-pitched to a low-pitched and you can control freely to set up timing of a fishing bait.When you stop the action, it will be falling down slowly. On a first falling action, It will be falling down to the bottom smoothly with a lighty touch tension and it will be easier for a postural stability.And also, You can use a one up lighter rod andyou will be able to enjoy keeping the same action. You can control the speed of the movement freely from quicker pace to slower pace. It has a beautiful color with taking advantage of a both edge.This jig which has an ultimate manageability will let you change a traditional concept.

For your reference about words;【Dotera-Nagashi】
It keeps the wind whichever way the wind blows with a condition of tidal wave of reverse flow phase from the side of a ship




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